Theodore and Minerva-Cavindish May
Theodore and Minerva-Cavindish May


Sometime during the1800's Theodore Cavindish and his father arrived in America.  They were originally from London England. In a twist of fate, Theodore became seperated from his father.  Because he had no other family in America, Theodore was sold as a slave to a family named Gibson. Later, the Gibson's sold Theodore to the May family in Demopolis, Alabama. While living on the May family Plantation, Theodore became acquainted with a young black girl of West Indian descent. That girl name was Minerva.

When President Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863, Theodore married Minerva and the two of them migrated to Mississippi and later, on to Louisiana.  Family lore tells us that Theodore's brothers came from England in search of him.  They found him and was thankful that he was alive.  However, they did not like the fact that Theodore had married the West Indian woman, Minerva.  They turned their back on him, returned to England and Theodore never heard from them again. Theodore Cavindish dissolved his English roots, and took his slave master last name of May "Theodore May".

Theodore and Minerva had ten sons, James May proceeded in death at a young age. From the remaining nine boys, the May family began to branch out from the tree.  These are the nine patriarchs of the May Family: Alonza, George, Sam, Jerome, Doctor, Foster, Johnnie, Warren and Thomas.


Our Ancestors
Our Ancestors

Pieces of the Puzzle

More than 1,200 names have been entered into our family tree project.  This makes us one of the largest families in the United States.  Thanks to social networking, especially FaceBook, we have began to communicate with one another like never before.  There has been many stories where family members became aquainted due only to social networking.  Though we are scattered far and wide, the advent of this new technology has allowed us to began piecing together the puzzle.  The future appears bright for generations of May's to come as we endeavor to connect the branches of our ever growing tree.

Speaking on behalf of the planning committee, we hope to be as effecient in planning this reunion as our dearly departed sister, Leola Howard-May, who will be honored at our upcoming event for her years of dedication in planning numerous previous reunions.

                                                                     WE ARE ONE, WE STAND STRONG, WE ARE MAY’S!

                                                                     Written by Vallistenye May-Jones of Dallas, Texas

Vallistenye, is the daughter of the late Pauline May, Granddaughter of Hayward and Emma May, and the descendant of Doctor and Racheal May Branch


The May Family History is a work in continuous progress. 

As we uncover new historical documents and anecdotes from family elders,

adjustments will continue to be made. 

If you have information to share, or can help solve a family mystery,

please let me know.  Corrections and updates are always welcome.


 Thank you so much for sharing your time, stories, memories, documents and photos.


1) Theodore & Minerva lived in?
Texas & California
Kansas & Georgia
Mississippi & Louisiana
None of the above
2) Theodore got lost from his?
None of the above

3) President Lincoln Freed the slaves in
None of the above
4) Minerva was from?
West Indies Descent
Japanese Descent
Spainish Descent
None of the above

5) Which state do you think will have the most family members other than Louisiana attending the 2015 reunion ?
6) Why are you not attending the reunion?
Never receive the information

7) Where would you like to see the next reunion held?
Family Cruise
8) What year should the next reunion be in?

9) What color should the reunion T-Shirts be?
10) Theodore brothers came back to the United States to?
See him get marry
Help him move
Bring him back home to England
Get to know his family