Leola Howard-May  1933-2006
Leola Howard-May 1933-2006
For everything there is a season.
For everything there is a season.


As I sit here now, doing the same things that you may have done for so many years, trying to make sure that every detail is in place, I want to say, thank you. Thanks for caring and loving a family that became yours through marriage. Our family reunions have given us a chance to come together. You gave us the chance to learn more about our family in a special setting. Because of you, all of the previous reunions are still talk about with fondness.  Due to your dedication, a new generation has assumed the mantle and is joyfully planning the next reunion and hoping to be as successful as you were.




Cousin Leola’s strong belief and commitment to family was uniquely honorable.  She serves as the inspiration to our current planning committee.  A May by marriage, she was like the biblical Ruth, “where you go, I will go”.  Your family will be my family.”





The last time I spoke with Cousin Leola, she asked if I would be interested in helping to plan our next reunion…I was honored that she asked and gladly accepted.  Now, along with the rest of our planning committee, we hope to live up to Leola’s remarkable work, hoping to create as successful reunion as the one’s she previously planned.  We all know that she is watching over us, guiding us to openly communicate with one another, leaning on each other for support and by the will of God, learned what Leola knew, that family is more than just blood!





I thank you cousin Leola Howard- May for all of your hard work and contribution that you gave to the May family through out the years of your life. Your family reunion still lives on and your name is still remember as the original organizer of the “May Family Reunion” Your always with us!



Many Blessing Family!




The May Family Reunion is dedicate to Memory of Leola Howard – May




Written By: Vallistenye May- Jones